C-MAPP Mines

Computing-Mines Affiliates Partnership Program

The C-MAPP program is designed to improve relationships between industry and computer science at
Mines, while also providing professional learning activities to Mines computing students.
C-MAPP Partners have a professional interest in the well-being of computing at Mines.

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Past Sponsors

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2014-2015 Sponsors and Student Fellows

  • Brandon Her
  • Austin Kauffman
  • Zheng Li
  • Nhan Tran
  • Madalyn Gort
  • Christopher Johnson
  • Samuel Schilling
  • Kyle Thistlewood
  • Niles Hacking
  • Jennifer Jacobs
  • Brandon Rodriguez
  • Joseph Wilson
  • Tiffany Kalin
  • Ryan Langewisch
  • Leah Marshall
  • Brandon Parrish