Mines About C-MAPP

The C-MAPP program is designed to improve relationships between industry and computer science at Mines, while also providing professional learning activities to Mines computing students. C-MAPP Partners have a professional interest in the well-being of computing at Mines.

C-MAPP is a program for companies that are interested in (1) giving back, (2) helping the students at Mines, (3) networking with the students at Mines, and/or (4) increasing diversity in computing.

The students at Colorado School of Mines are top-notch, as illustrated by (1) this year's entering freshman are in the top 9% of all high school graduates, (2) Mines leads USA TODAY College's list of "The top 10 engineering colleges in the US" and (3) Mines ranked 6th in the list of "104 Smartest Public Colleges in America."

In addition to being smart, Mines students are motivated. Many students work through our ACM student chapters (ACM and ACM-W) to improve the college community.The ACM student chapter mission is to foster open source project development and education; the ACM-W mission is to encourage girls to consider a computing field in the future. C-MAPP Partners help support the Mines computing student chapters through funding the ACM projects, helping encourage the next generation, and supporting the development of the students.

In addition to carrying a full load of courses, many of the computing students at Mines work several hours a week to help pay for their education. Company scholarships through C-MAPP are immensely helpful to these motivated students.

C-MAPP also financially supports several 3rd-6th grade girls to participate in a Discovering Technology program at Mines. Mines piloted this program in 2012-13. Since then, it has grown steadily:

Approximately 10% of the participating girls require financial assistance to participate.

Industrial partnerships through C-MAPP also help computer science faculty at Mines understand industry needs and practices, to better prepare Mines students for their future careers. For example, C-MAPP Partners were recently invited to a conversation on ways the Mines CS curriculum should be updated.

C-MAPP is a great program for Mines students, as the funding is to help them meet their goals. The program is a win-win for students and industry.

If you're interested in becoming a sponsor, read more about funding opportunities and contact Dr. Tracy Camp at tcamp@mines.edu or (303) 384-2184.