Mines STEMpact: For teachers with impact

Did you have a high school teacher that made a big impact on you? A math teacher that introduced you to CS? An English teacher that encouraged you to pursue your dreams? The CS faculty would like to honor all of these special teachers with a STEMpact Award. Principals will also be informed to further recognize the teachers for their dedication to students and education. You and your teacher nominee will then be cordially invited to attend the first annual STEMpact Award Banquet (to occur early next Fall semester), where teachers will be presented their award over dinner. All nominated high school teachers will be invited to the banquet. What if your teacher isn’t local? Nominate them anyway! Awards can be mailed to teachers that cannot attend the banquet.

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Mines Scholarship Information

Thanks to the generous donations and support for C-MAPP from outside companies, the CS Program at Mines is able to offer several scholarships to computing students. The scholarships fall into the following categories:

Please read through the eligibility requirements and complete the application to be considered for a Spring 2018 scholarship. Contact Dr. Tracy Camp at tcamp@mines.edu or (303) 384-2184 with any questions.


Fellowships are available to students majoring or minoring in Computer Science at Mines. To qualify, you must have a GPA of 3.0 or above. Preference is given to students who:

Applications currently CLOSED