Mines C-MAPP Funding Opportunities

What will C-MAPP fund? Student Fellows, student organization meetings (e.g., ACM and ACM-W), program costs (e.g., scholarships and C-MAPP events), K-12 outreach, diversity efforts (both recruiting and retaining underrepresented students), and student projects. Half of the funding donated to Mines for C-MAPP goes to students via scholarships. For maximum ROI, C-MAPP opportunities can be combined with on-campus Career Center recruiting activities. Sponsor benefits for 2016-17 are listed below. Flyer with details is available here.

$8,000+ / year

$4,000+ / year

$2,000+ / year

$1,000+ / year

If you're interested in becoming a sponsor, contact Dr. Tracy Camp at tcamp@mines.edu or (303) 384-2184.